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All-Purpose Cleaner
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  All-Purpose Cleaner

Our All-Purpose Cleaner is ideal for removing grease, grime and tough dirt. The advanced formula lifts and traps dirt molecules, leaving behind a clean that you can see, and a fragrance you will enjoy. Why bring toxins into your home? Non-toxic cleaners are superior to harsh toxic chemical cleaners for Indoor Air Quality. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) can be inhaled into the lungs or absorbed through the skin, and many are known or suspected to be carcinogens. This product does not contain VOC's or any other toxin that might leave harmful residues after use. This product is formulated from the latest and safest natural technologies available and therefore contains no solvents, chlorine, ammonia, sulfates, glycols or phthalates. We only use plant-based surfactants so you can feel safe knowing that you are not exposing your family, pets or home environment to harmful chemical residues or fumes. Ingredients: Food-grade natural surfactants composed of Glucoside (sugar) from U.S. corn, Cocoyl Amide (coconut), palm fatty acids, natural spring water and a natural essential oil blend, including Lemon Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Orange Oil and Tangerine Oils.

Available in Grapefruit, Lavender - This blend of essential oils, including Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon and Patchouli leaves an elegant aroma. Lavender has long been coveted for its aromatic benefits as a natural relaxant, revitalizer and disinfectant. Unscented - This unscented formula is ideal for sensitive skin, for people sensitive to scents and perfumes, or for those with asthma or allergies. Contains no scent, or dyes.



Price: $6.99

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